Our Company’s “Why”

Veteran Study Abroad - VSA

We are a company specifically designed to help U.S. veterans study abroad. This tells you what we do, but what we want to make clear is WHY we do what we do. In short, we do it for you: our veterans. You have spent a large amount of your time keeping America safe and you deserve to be able to use all of the benefits you are entitled to. With Veteran Study Abroad, you will be able to pursue your degree while seeing the world in a foreign country, all while still taking advantage of your education benefits.

"...we do it for you: our veterans."

Our goal is to make your transition to civilian life easier, as well as more exciting. As a U.S. veteran, you have the unique opportunity to use your education benefits in more countries than just America. If the thought of seeing the world while earning your degree excites you, then we are here to help you achieve this. Currently, we are looking for veterans to study abroad in England and are soon to expand to multiple countries.

"...no cost to you."

With absolutely no cost to you, Veteran Study Abroad will help you decide on a university to attend as well as guide you through the process of gaining your student visa. We will be with you every step of the way. We want to help you, because remember:

You Have Options. 

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